Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scenes from our winter

We finally downloaded the pictures off the camera, and that, coupled with yesterday's trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum (we have a two year membership now... thanks Mom!), lit the proverbial fire that I needed to post some photos!

Here's some of the boys enjoying their new playroom (also known as our furniture-less living room):

May the force be with you!

Sundays is when Baba and Gigi usually visit. We'll have lunch and then Clay and Baba will dance to Ukrainian Radio hosted by Komichak (Gigi's favorite program):

On Mondays and Fridays, Drew enjoys his play gym at the YMCA. His favorite activity is the slide, where he always says "Whee! Happy!" on his way down.

Not that it's all play and dancing around here. There's also a healthy dose of art appreciation.

Gran always has good composition, but I think she could have been bolder with the indigo in her shadows here.

And we have had a bit of snow, which means Clay could finally go sledding!

Of course, the day of the snow a 3 year old in a neighboring county was killed while sledding. His older brother was watching out for cars, but didn't see the car until after his brother had started down the hill. So now I can add that to my list of paranoias.

And last but certainly not least... the children's museum! Pittsburgh was home to Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and the children's museum has an entire exhibit called 'The Neighborhood' with the trolley, tv cameras, a puppet theater like the one from the Neighborhood of Make Believe with replicas of King Friday and Lady Elaine. The actual puppets were also on display (behind glass of course). I actually got a little teary when I saw Henrietta Pussycat.

The museum is housed in the old Buhl Planetarium, and the actual planetarium is where the car garage exhibit is. The kids had fun climbing though the doorless mini Cooper. Because the ceiling is the former planetarium, it was extra tall so the kids can climb up and throw down toy parachutes. Then, they slid down a chrome slide.

But it was in the fabulous water play area, which is where I suddenly remembered that I HAD A CAMERA!, and then sadly realized that the camera's battery HAD VERY LITTLE JUICE LEFT, which is why we really only have pictures of the waterplay area. They were soaked, and had so much fun that Drew pitched a fit when it was time to leave.

Happy March! May Spring not be far away...