Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's the worst blogger ever, Charlie Brown!

Or rather, it's the worst digital scrapbooker ever, because y'all know I'm not doing this for any other reason (um, unless there's no one out there anymore and in that case, kids... when you read this years from now... I did my best!).

So, when we last left 'Confessions of a Parenting Book Junkie', you'll recall that it was Clay's birthday, and I was kvetching over the R2D2 cake from hell. Drew's birthday was in September, and because I'm the 'WDSE' (see first paragraph), I failed to create a post about it. I'm sorry Drew!!! Here's what we did: we went to a Pirates game on a Sunday and the kids ran the bases (SHOCK!). The base running started out poorly because a random bee decided to randomly sting my random kid that happened to be my older son (not the birthday boy) for some random but clearly hostile reason. Clay then proceeded to scream and go into hysterics all the way onto the ball field, where he started to run through his tears, and then get tripped by some other kid thus renewing his commitment to the freak-out while he walked the rest of the bases. While we tried to commandeer some ice for him, Drew took the opportunity to lap the bases 4 or 5 times. I don't remember how many. I do remember a PNC Staffer trying to tackle him with each cross of home plate but the kid (now a big-boy 3 year old) was just too fast for her. I had to actually STAND on the HOME PLATE of PNC PARK home of the 17 SEASON LOSING PITTSBURGH PIRATES to get the birthday boy to knock it off. And then we went home and had leftover birthday cake.

Drew's cake was a bizarre last minute choice of his... Transformers. This was okay, because as you'll remember, I wasn't baking it.

This was taken at the moment Drew finished his first lap, and you can see he's thinking no one is watching and is deciding to take off for another one. Rascal.