Thursday, February 05, 2009


Did anyone do anything exciting over the weekend? No? I suppose it was just a simple, quiet winter weekend... especially here in Pittsburgh. Nope, nothing special at all happened.

What? What's that you say? A football game? No.... no one here's interested at all in football. Why, Sunday was mom's birthday and I had planned months ago to take her to see Jersey Boys. A 6:30 curtain too, so it could even be an early night for both of us! I did think it was odd that everyone in the theater was wearing lots of black and gold colors. And for some reason, every now and then you could hear whispers of 'Steelers up...' and then mumbled numbers. But truthfully, I was just trying to focus on Frankie Valli's story. I mean, who really thinks about football... even championship football... especially if your city's team is in the game... when there's outstanding musical theater to be enjoyed?

Of course, I did find it slightly odd at intermission when a woman shouted out "17-7!!!" in the ladies room. Not as odd as the collective squeals that erupted from all the stalls, though. I wonder what that was about?

But then it dawned on me during the curtain call that people were focused on more than "a good night at the theater" when two of the Four Seasons ran on stage wearing 'Luv Ya Black and Gold' tee-shirts and twirling a Terrible Towel. Imagine!

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Stephanie said...

I thought of you Sunday, when Pittsburgh was playing. I didn't actually see the game (it was so not how I wanted to spend my birthday...), but hooray for the Steelers!

And how funny that even the Jersey Boys cast got into the football spirit :)