Monday, April 02, 2007

Rhymes with Lasagne

Now that Clay's in Sunday School, we attend church more regularly than before. Clay enjoys not having to sit and be quiet with us, and we enjoy not 'shushing' him constantly. It's a win-win! So in addition to that, and what with yesterday being Palm Sunday (and ironically, April Fool's Day, but that's another story), we made our way to church. After the service, I held onto my palm (party favor!), because I knew Clay would want it. I needn't have troubled, because as soon as we went to his classroom, he was standing at the doorway yelling "Mommy! Look at my 'Hosanya'!" (see blog post title). I look down, and he's holding a tongue depresser with a crayon colored paper palm leaf glued to it.

Hosanya indeed!

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