Thursday, October 04, 2007

Steel City, Here We Come

Ack! We're moving! 10 days ago I accepted an offer for a job in Pittsburgh, and then we flew to Vegas (no, not because of the job. College pal Meg was getting married, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her get hitched. Plus it was a Rat Pack theme, and I knew it would be a good party. It was.) Hence, I have been out of touch for two whole weeks. Apologies, but what can you do? There were slots to play and shows to see, then realtors to interview and boxes to collect, etc, etc.

Now for what I believe is going to be the least favorite part of this adventure: packing, moving, and selling the house. Oh for the market of two years ago. Oh to turn back the clock two years and not to have renovated this house. But that's hindsight, and whatnot.

Speaking of hindsight: if any of you are thinking about doing a budget Vegas trip, please do a little better planning than we did. We opted not to rent a car, figuring that parking would be astronomical and everything walkable. Turns out parking is free, and the Strip is loooooong. The blisters on my feet say this is true.

Here's a picture of Meg and John right after the I dos. Of course, all of the women in the bridal party were wearing custom dresses, crafted by the talented bride and her friends.

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