Monday, March 19, 2007

Clueless Boys

Today was Mike's day to parent aide at Clay's preschool. This happens about once a month, and it means that Clay gets to be the 'leader'. It's not quite as exciting as Christmas or birthdays, but 'Daddy's at school, I get to be the leader' day still ranks pretty high with the boy.

And on top of all the excitement, it was 'Green Party' day (aka the St. Patrick's Day Party). So, Mike and Clay went off dressed in green clothes, and bearing green snacks (lime sherbert, green apples and kiwis). Mike got to wear the big green hat, and would play the title role in the promised 'Find the Leprechaun' game.

Meanwhile, Drew and I spent some quality time at home. And by 'quality time', I of course mean helplessly trying to quiet his red-faced screaming fit due to aching gums. And by 'fit', I mean an hour long performance. This kid has stamina.

So, it was with some relief that I met Mike and Clay at school, and off we went to McDonald's for lunch. (Clay is practically beside himself at this point: 'I was the leader!', 'Daddy was at school all morning with me!' 'I get chicken nuggets AND chocolate milk!!').

At Mickey D's, as if Clay's day wasn't SUH-WEET enough already, we ran into his classmate Mia. (Tina and Mia, if you've heard the stories, are semi-groupies of Clay. He's very popular with the ladies.) Clay wants to sit next to Mia and her grandfather, which we did. And this worked well. In addition to her chicken nuggets, Mia was sampling some of her grandfather's salad. Clay was in full "copy cat" mode, so he wanted to try some of my salad. And since he normally has an aversion to anything from the vegetable food group (barring French fries), I was happy to share. Clay and Mia played with their happy meal toys together. Clay and Mia looked out the window and waved to the passing cars leaving the drive through. Clay was having a blast. And then, he made a tactical error:

'Hey Emma! Do you...'

'My name's MIA!'

Oblivious, Clay proceeds with his question. Mia looks past the oversight and sips her apple juice. A few minutes later, my boy makes the VERY SAME MISTAKE!


Exasperated, Mia reminds him (again) that her name is NOT Emma.

And I'm watching this scene, and I cringe every time he calls this little girl by the wrong name. I remember past conversations with boys I fancied, and my cheeks turn a little red because I remember experiencing the very same frustrations whenever one would commit some little innocent (albeit thoughtless or cavalier) transgression. And I wonder, 'what's wrong with him?' He knows Mia (mostly he knows her as 'Tina and Mia' b/c she's they're always together), but for some reason he has Emma on the brain. I chalk it up to the testosterone.

Mia, if it's any consolation, he sometimes calls me 'Daddy.'

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Rachel said...

Really enjoying reading all these. But, of course, now I feel like worst mom in the world for not journaling myself. Keep up the great work!