Thursday, March 08, 2007



"Mommy, did you have a dream?"

Clay asks me this as we snuggle in bed. Although we pride ourselves in having kids who are really good sleepers (we Ferberized Clay at 4 months, and he's slept like a champ ever since. Well, mostly.), Clay has gotten in the habit of coming into our bed some mornings. And although I worry about it being a regressive step, I enjoy having a warm snuggly little boy join us in the morning more.

I tell him I didn't dream last night. What about him?

"I dreamed about POPCORN. It was going to the movies to eat popcorn. And it had legs, arms and a hat!"

Hmmm. I decided not to tell him it sounded like cannibal popcorn to me!


"Mommy, did you have a dream?" I tell him I didn't.

"I dreamed about a potato chip that was in someone's mouth getting eaten."

I ask him if he remembers who's mouth. "No", he replied, "but he was scared."

"The person?"

"No, the potato chip."

Should I be concerned he's dreaming about food personified?

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