Sunday, March 11, 2007

We're still here!

Already, I'm falling behind (I wasn't kidding when I said I was the worst at journaling!)

Mama and Daddy are slowing being felled by head colds and sore toes (in no particular order). The toe thing is my cross to bear, and let me just say that it (the toe) is THE most underrated part of the body. I fear an excision is forthcoming, or an exorcism. The thing hurts!!

Today is birthday party day. One of Clay's school chums is turning four and is hosting the celebration at Chuck E. Cheese. Clay has been asking to leave all morning for he loves the place. Not that Mike or I have ever taken him. Oh no, that was Gran, Aunt Karen & Uncle Pete's gift (or curse) to us. Mike and I have prided ourselves in not stepping foot in the place... yet. Until today, that is. (Actually, I'm still a Chuck E Cheese virgin a la yesterday's conversation:)

Me: So, you're taking Clay tomorrow, right?
Him: Um, no, I was thinking you'd take him.
Me: Really? 'Cause I definitely had it in my head that you'd take him and I'd stay home with Drew. My toe, and all (cheap sympathy trick...)


Him: Okayyyyy. I'll go.


p.s. Coming soon... photos. Promise!

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Rachel said...

Cruel trick! But I love it!